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myCharge Adventure line expands

One of my favorite devices of 2017 was the myCharge Adventure Ultra. A $129 power brick on the surface, but take a look and it's so much more. It's includes and outlet that can run a 42-inch television for up to three hours. The AdventureUltra has a maximum power output of 45 watts, enough to run a fan or recharge a drone battery. It can also be used with 2 in 1 laptops and new laptops, such as the 12-inch MacBook, that require less than 45 watts either when powered off and solely charging or when powered on and charging simultaneously.

Now, myCharge is expanding the Adventure line.

Encased in a rubberized exterior, the Adventure Mini (3350 mAh), Plus (6700 mAh) and Max 10,050 mAh) feature carabiner clips so they can easily be attached to a backpack or belt. Available with Quick ChargeTM or Power Delivery these chargers are made to keep devices going all day without slowing down. The Adventure Plus and Adventure Max both offer two USB-A ports for charging multiple devices at once. For heavy power users who need to power devices that require higher output, the Adventure series has replacements for bulky generators. The Adventure Ultra (a.ka. the Power Outlet) packs 13,400 mAh into a footprint about the size of paperback book, and it only weighs one pound! The next step up is the Adventure Xtreme (a.k.a. the Portable Power Outlet), which offers 20,000 mAh of backup power. Both of these devices feature USB-A, USB-C, and AC outlet charging ports Now, the Adventure series also includes one charger that can fuel them all. The 20,000 mAh myCharge All Powerful can charge via USB-A, USB-C, an AC outlet, or it can cut the cords with wireless charging. Two USB-A ports or the USB-C port can be used to charge smartphones, tablets and USB-C laptops. Use the 65-watt AC outlet to run a 32-inch television, power most laptops, charge drone or camera batteries, even operate a fan or camping light. 10W Qi fast charge boosts devices enabled with wireless charging from low battery to full simply by setting them on the All Powerful. Rounding out the Adventure series is a charger that can not only refuel devices, it can power up a dead vehicle battery too. The Adventure Jump Start features a 6600 mAh battery, enough for up to 4X extra battery for a smartphone. Compatible with most cars, trucks, boats and ATVs the myCharge Adventure Jump Start has a sustained jumpstart current of 200A and a peak jumpstart current of 400A. The included smart jumpstart cables provide LED feedback for safe use. With myCharge on hand, the adventure never has to end due to a dead battery of any kind. The myCharge All Powerful will debut at CES 2018 and be available for purchase in April 2018 for $199.99. The Adventure Mini ($29.99), Adventure Plus ($39.99), Adventure Max ($49.99), Adventure Ultra or Power Outlet ($129.99), Adventure Xtreme or Portable Power Outlet ($179.99), and the Adventure Jump Start ($99.99) are available now at and at retailers including Best Buy and Hudson News.

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