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'As Seen on TV' launches new website

Sure the holidays are wrapping up, but there is never an "off season" for As Seen on TV. In an effort to streamline the vast collection of "As Seen on TV" merchandise, a new website,, has been created to simplify their shopping experience.

Consumers can usually find only a limited range of "As Seen on TV" products in certain venues, but is now positioned to become the definitive home for the greatest accumulation of "As Seen on TV" items. These items include a variety of brands such as Red Copper, Gotham Steel, Copper Chef, Copper Fit, Magic Tracks, Flex Seal and so many more. "We wanted to change how people shop for TV products. Our intent is to create a platform that inspires all age groups to shop the best and most identifiable products while providing the ease of return and ordering," explained VP of Merchandising, Quality and Convenience will provide a wide array of products from the very best brands to make it easy for the customer to make informed purchasing decisions. Many websites and "As Seen on TV" infomercials include gimmicks to entice purchases, but will not incorporate hidden fees or costs into its prices. Knowledge and Service The team has tested all products and the website will include informative videos to demonstrate how the items work. Product ratings from actual purchasers will also be provided, while customer service representatives will be available by phone and a live chat feed will be accessible to answer any questions about any product. About With more than 30 years' experience buying and selling, the team at is committed to furnish excellent quality, great customer service and a diverse assortment of "As Seen On TV" products. With this goal in mind, will be the customer's one-stop shop for direct-market TV products. See what you can find on

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