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Get a private 'Burner Phone #'

Is a Burner Phone # a way to manage your communications and keep your phone number private when you need it to be?

In case you’re not familiar, Burner is a popular app for iOS and Android that millions of people use to create smarter, more flexible phone numbers on demand, to use for work or any other purpose (Craigslist, online garage sale, etc.). You can use your Burner number for however long you choose and then “burn” it when you no longer need it. Because every time you share your phone number, you're not only giving people / companies direct access to you, but also potentially your personal information.

Burner cofounder / CEO Greg Cohn will also be attending CES this year, to talk Burner.

“We’re seeing a huge expansion in use cases for secondary numbers, especially given the growth of online marketplaces and sharing-economy services,” said Cohn. “Text messages have become the ‘new email’ and have created even more everyday situations where it makes sense to use Burner. We’re thrilled with the design quality and features of our latest update, which makes it easier and faster to integrate Burner into your everyday life.”

Burner protects your privacy, but also increases productivity. With Burner's Connections feature, you can link your number to platforms like Slack, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Sheets + more. You can set it up to trigger automatic actions like routing SMS messages to a Slack team, or automatically archiving contacts and texts in Google Sheets, or easily creating your own auto-responding SMS bot.

Burner also comes with a feature called Ghostbot – a witty auto-responding text message bot designed for today's dating culture. Toggle Ghostbot on to handle unwanted texts from those who can't take a hint or creeps you meet. Plus, it blocks annoying robocalls with its new integration with Nomorobo.

If you want a private phone number, Burner is for you!

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