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Your sponges (and others) will love you with SpongeBath

Keep things clean in your kitchen with SpongeBath and your family will thank you.

This is the first dual-purpose sponge holder that stores and cleans sponges at the same time. Using patented technology and our proprietary Concentrated Cleaning Solution, SpongeBath continuously cleans your sponge while you're not using it. Convenient, safe and effective. SpongeBath will: eliminate odors from your sponge, kill 99.99% of odor-causing bacteria in 10 minutes and remove grime and stains. All for just $49 and includes the caddy and an 8oz bottle of cleaning solution (2 months supply). Perfect for homes, office and keeping things bacteria-free over the holidays.

Make sure when you first start using SpongeBath, start with a new, clean sponge. Then, SpongeBath will continuously clean your sponge while it’s being stored. See more on Amazon or here.

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