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Pedal looks to be the online community for car enthusiasts

CARS! CARS! Inc. has recently revealed its premiere app, PEDAL, which creates a community for all auto enthusiasts to share their love for cars, and the passion that moves them. CARS! CARS! Inc. Co-founders Erik Lunseth and Caroline Connor created PEDAL, along with Shane Zilinskas, (CEO) and Kara McGehee (COO) of ClearSummit overseeing the app’s architecture. It can sometimes be a bit hectic when looking for auto enthusiasts in an area, between scouring through Craigslist ads or awaiting the pending approval to join a Facebook group.

PEDAL is a must-have, real time, social networking community for global discovery and engagement, as well as a free platform to promote brands.

The PEDAL app allows users of all different background to discover content from all over the world and join in the conversation. Regardless of the vehicle: car, truck, van or motorcycle or whether you are a collector, dreamer or fan, an individual, organization or business the app is available for you. It all begins through creating a profile, you are then able to follow friends, families and others to either view or create content.

Through the app, users can share pictures, videos and share those assets to other social media platforms. Photos can be altered with filters and users can customize their own profile page to engage with other followers. The app offers a unique feature, which is not available via other social media applications, which is the ability to add links to every post to provide additional information and further promoter the content.

“We are very excited to officially announce the recent launch of our new, free automotive enthusiast app, PEDAL. PEDAL is a social media platform specifically for a unique culture and community. We’re built in the spirit of other platforms but allow our users to experience and share the fervor through an auto enthusiast’s lens,” Erik Lunseth, Co-Founder & CEO of PEDAL.

“PEDAL is custom built from the ground up. We architected both the front-end and the back-end specifically for

PEDAL’s feature set. It is also powered by React Native, which lets us iterate quickly, and deploy new features to our users seamlessly,” said Shane Zilinskas, CEO of ClearSummit.

PEDAL is available now for free download on either the Apple app store or on Google Play. If you would like more information visit their website at


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