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Buy gifts and get a gift yourself with Ebates

As you long as you are buying holiday gifts for those on your list, why not get something in return for your efforts?

Top gifts this year include iPhone 8, Beats Wireless Headphones, travel getaways (72 percent surveyed would forego gifts for a getaway), Drones, Nintendo, Amazon Echo, and Bose Speakers according to a national survey which was fielded among 1,034 adults and 507 teens by Propeller Insights on behalf of, a subsidiary of the global internet services company Rakuten. More is below.

When asked which non-electronic gift Americans most want to receive, the most popular choice was a gift card—for both adults and teens (both 77 percent). Adults also put clothing (49 percent), shoes (35 percent) and accessories (31 percent) at the top of their list. Teens agreed and also listed clothing (63 percent), shoes (55 percent) and accessories (44 percent) as their most desired gifts. Getaways were also a popular choice for Americans (32 percent). In fact, almost three- quarters—72 percent—would forego a gift in exchange for a holiday getaway. When it comes to which type of gift card Americans would most like to receive, money in the form of a Visa, Amex or Mastercard (72 percent) was the top choice. This is followed by a gift card to a restaurant (59 percent), a retailer (51 percent) or for travel. And men should take note: one-third of women also selected a gift card for a spa treatment (35 percent). One-in-five Americans also plan to spend between $250-$500 on holiday gifts this year, and almost as many will spend more than $1,000 (18 percent) or $750-$1,000 (17 percent). "Our holiday survey found that, when it comes to holiday gifts, you can’t go wrong with a gift card—although a laptop or earbuds are also safe choices,” said Amit Patel, CEO of Ebates. “At Ebates, we want to make it as easy as possible to purchase all your gifts and save money while doing it. From gift cards to fidget spinners, our retailers have you covered.” From now through Christmas, shoppers can receive up to double cash back on select retailers via Ebates. For more details on specific retailers participating in the special offer, visit Shoppers can also download the free app at Google Play and the AppStore.

Also, Ebates users can get cash back in store by adding a credit card to their account. So, if you go into Target and spend XXX dollars, your card will relay that info to Ebates and collect rebates cash without the user ever having to do anything. Get something back for all of your efforts with Ebates!

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