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Last Minute holiday toy buying tips with Chris Byrne of TTPM

Buying toys for the holidays? Rick talks with Chris Byrne, The “Toy Guy®,” Content Director for, author of Toy Time, and toy historian.

Increasingly, the last weeks before the holidays were critical for retailers—and a bonanza for shoppers. In fact, in 2016, the final weekend before Christmas made the difference between profit and loss for several retailers in the toy space. Expecting great deals, more and more toy shoppers have postponed their toy shopping till these last few days, scoring great deals and taking advantage on shipping, in-store pick up and other consumer-friendly features. This year, with the Christmas holiday falling on a Monday, TTPM anticipates that it will be down to the wire for shopping. After the initial race to get hot items, consumers have waited for sales—and this is the time to find great value. Chris and Rick chat about some great toy picks and some sound avice for last-minute shipping.

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