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SnapCalc app does the math for you

SnapCalc may be new, but it takes the sting out of doing "old math."

Just snap a picture of a math problem, and the answer is displayed on your screen.

It will even show you the "work" or steps you need to take to get to that answer.

From algebra to calculus, the app has solutions to a wide range of topics - and it recognizes handwritten problems too as well. Learn more quickly and easily with step-by-step explanations so that next time you’ll be able to solve the problem yourself - as easy as one-two-three! SnapCalc will become your mathematical lifesaver - finish your homework faster, prepare better for tests and make getting those high grades less stressful. Great for students, teachers and even balancing your checkbook.

Not so strong in math or just need some extra help with it sometimes? SnapCalc is for you. - Handwritten problem? No worries - SnapCalc recognizes both handwritten problems as well as printed ones. - See how it's done as SnapCalc provides both straight answers and the corresponding step-by-step solutions. (Note that you can use step-by-step solutions 3 times for free. For further usage you'll need to get SnapCalc Premium.) - Solve math problems instantly across a wide range of topics, ranging from Arithmetic to Calculus. - Save your results in "History" tab so you can go back to them anytime.

Get SnapCalc loaded on your mobile device now. It will help you add up how much you spent in holiday gifts!

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