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Evergreen Elf is a fun Christmas tree water monitor

This hardworking elf is on a mission to protect every family and Christmas tree for the Holiday season. Christmas can be hectic, but Evergreen Elf helps monitor your Christmas Tree stand water level, so you can focus on enjoying the season. The innovative and interactive Christmas Tree water monitor will alert you when the tree is dry, saving you the hassle of climbing over presents and under branches to check the water level in your tree stand.

Every year, millions of dollars in damages are directly related to Christmas tree fires, causing tragedy during a time of joy. This fire risk can be reduced by ensuring that the tree is never thirsty. The Evergreen Elf is hard at work monitoring your tree and protecting your family throughout the entire holiday season!

The Evergreen Elf Christmas tree water monitor has both a visual alert and a fun audio alert (he talks!), works with most available commercial tree stands, and the interchangeable batteries are designed to last the entire holiday season. The Evergreen Elf’s engaging personality helps make watering a fun activity for the whole family. This year, forget sticking your hand in that dirty water. Get an elf to help – Evergreen Elf!

Right now, just $14.99.

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