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'The Slap' from Grace Eleyae

A few years ago, entrepreneur, Grace Eleyae, took a trip to Kenya that would change her life. During a (very bumpy) 8-hour car ride, all the hair on the back of her head broke off, thus the result of her chemically straightened hair and constant friction against the headrest. She decided to make a difference for herself and other women around the world with a great looking and functional cap.

Meet "The Slap"

She sewed her first Slap (satin-lined cap), designed to keep hair moisturized, protected and knot-free.

"But I knew women wouldn’t wear something out unless it looked good and didn’t give away that they were nourishing their hair in public," said Eleyae.

Enter this chic, satin-lined beanie. 100,000 happy customers later, Slap has become a successful family-run, female-owned business that provides modern hair protection for modern women. Busy women can nourish their hair while picking the kids up from school without anyone knowing they’re conditioning on the go. The Slap is comfortable and not obtrusive as its moisture-retaining satin eliminates breakage, damage and hair loss better than cotton while ensuring expensive treatments and blowouts last longer. Sleep in a Slap, and, when that alarm clock starts buzzing, hair will look virtually the same as it did the night before, and due to Slap’s elastic band, it won’t budge.

Unlike cotton, the satin provides a moisture retaining atmosphere eliminating excess breakage and hair loss. The Slap looks like a trendy beanie and you can wear it anywhere!

Keep one in your handbag and keep one at the office. It stores perfectly and travels with you. Show this to a friend or relative and they will be amazed.

Get rid of bad hair days. Stop worrying about breakage. Love your hair and give it the best environment to let it work for you. Visit


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