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A look at Lifeprint

Lifeprint has recently launched its new and larger 3x4.5-inch Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connected photo printer exclusively on and Apple stores across the world.

Lifeprint was born out of a desire to free the world’s photos from digital screens and provide the opportunity to hold the magic of real photographs in your hands. Lifeprint is an app, a worldwide social printer network, and a portable printer that enables a truly unparalleled photo experience. Even Lifeprint’s packaging comes to life with Augmented Reality technology. The printer and app allow you to create augmented reality photos, then instantly print those photos directly from your smartphone.

Just in time for the holidays when people are creating and sharing special moments, the new Lifeprint printer and accompanying free application makes it simple to edit, print and share photos and videos with family, friends and fans all over the world. Additionally, the new Wi-Fi capability allows users to print to their Lifeprint from anywhere in the world and the larger prints make for a higher quality and better experience. A Bluetooth option is also still available for local printing as well.

Lifeprint uses sticky-based ZINK Paper to allow users to share photos and videos around town or with friends. Lifeprint printers use ZINK Zero Ink Technology to produce instant, full-color digital images without ink cartridges, ribbons or toner. Improved color algorithms make the ZINK photos look better than ever.

“For our second printer, we wanted to go bigger and broader. The larger film is classic instant camera size and really captures that retro look and feel. Perfect for decorating your walls,” said Lifeprint Vice-President & Founder Robert Macauley. “But more importantly the Wi-Fi capability means you’re always connected. This allows users to print to and from anywhere in the world. No matter where you are, you’re connected and ready to print. And of course, the magical Harry Potter-like Hyperphotos still bring those videos to life in your hands. Super cool.”

The 3x4.5 Lifeprint printer is available for $149.99 exclusively at and Apple stores. Lifeprint film for the 3x4.5 is $49.95 for a pack of 40 and $29.95 for a pack of 20. If you would like to see how it works watch this YouTube video. If you would like more information, visit or follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updates. Download the LifePrint Photos app on the app store today.

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