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TapHanger for all of your holiday hanging needs

Hanging holiday decorations, pictures or portraits? TapHanger is the world’s fastest and easiest way to hang picture frames. You’re able to hang frames on your walls in about one minute, and the frames will never need to be straightened no matter how many doors you slam. It's also easy to remove the frame from the wall in just seconds. Best of all, there is nothing to clean up, and your wall will have no damage.

Each TapHanger kit comes with the TapHanger tool and 80 special TapHanger TapTacks – enough to hang 40 picture frames.

Ease of use:

Don't ‘pound’ the TapTacks into your frame or you may bend the TapTack. Just tap the TapTack into the frame, watching the TapTack as it goes into the frame. If it begins to bend, simply move the TapHanger tool to one side or the other while gently tapping the TapTack in and the TapTack will not bend.

The end results will speak for themselves.

Perfect for those family holiday pictures or use with frames, shadow boxes and things you need to hang all year long. You can also order on Amazon.

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