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High Tech underwear from Mister Maginsky

I used to get underwear every year for Christmas, but nothing like Mister Maginsky.

Denis Kosor, founder of Mister Maginsky is changing underwear forever as the world’s first two-compartment underwear that keeps things separated for a better wearing experience and overall improved hygiene.

"Comfort" is the keyword here as these boxer briefs score high it comfort and fit. Mister Maginsky underwear offers a patented solution that separates your two male parts (the twins from the king, the king gets his own room:) in a way that promotes active flexibility and bodily hygiene. This is a durable pair of underwear that doesn't lose its shape, elasticity or feel.

Kosor says this been his goal all along.

"It allows you to see how studying mother nature has helped us create our patented design solution, which we are now — after years of development — delighted to bring to the market, just in time for the holidays!"

The future is now when it comes to underwear. re-invented your underwear. No sweat, no sticking, no altering, literally; have all your things perfectly aligned.

The luxurious signature black box sure would make for a good stocking stuffer.

Grab a double-pack today to let your body and mind adjust to the new way of normal. Right here.

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