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Hello December and the start of the holiday shopping season. With 33% of the country's shoppers participating in gift exchange celebrations, 77% buying their holiday gifts online and 67% going online for gift ideas, is the time-honored tradition of Secret Santa about to get a modern facelift? Fresh off these findings in a recent consumer survey, gift exchange generator could be just what modern shoppers need for a stress-free gift-giving season.

Online wish lists and gift finder make reconnecting fun While the Grinch might conclude that "Christmas doesn't come from a store", it's easy for many to lose track of the spirit of the season as they slog through their gift list. That's why free online gift exchange generator commissioned a survey of consumers to find out how it can make the holiday season easier (representative sampling of US adult population). It turns out that by pairing with the popularity of online shopping, Secret Santa generators can serve as a new way to overcome the holiday bustle, and spend more time with friends and family. Especially with many Americans across the country living out-of-town or on opposite coasts from loved ones, offers a helpful alternative to ye ole hat. Secret Santa goes social and mobile By making it easy to create and shop for groups on a smartphone, serves the 36% of gift-givers who prefer to shop from their mobile device. In addition, with 1 in 10 people using Facebook to communicate about their holiday plans,'s new Facebook Messenger feature gives gift exchange organizers the added power of the popular social media site. For over 15 years, has been helping consumers organize free online gift exchanges. The service allows consumers to create a gift exchange draw for any occasion without the hassle of the hat. makes it easy to exchange wish lists, or find the perfect gift through anonymous questions.

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