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It's #PongDay

Today Atari has announced that it’s officially #PongDay! The iconic game that put Atari on the map and brought video games into the mainstream enjoys its 45th anniversary, and to celebrate, Atari is releasing a new line of Pong-themed retro- and retro-inspired tech.

With its sleek, low-key styling and nostalgic touches, the all-new Pong Anniversary Limited-Edition Atari Speakerhat with built-in Bluetooth-connected speakers is sure to please both fans of Pong and Atari enthusiasts alike. Atari is also honoring the celebrated classic game with a variety of other officially-licensed Pong products including Table Pong, an oversized mechanical Pong game embedded in a stylish coffee table, perfect for the home or even office, that will be available in early 2018. The original Pong is an incredibly influential figure in the formation of the game industry as we know it, and we'd love if you joined us in the #PongDay celebration by spreading the word!


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