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Toast lets you personalize you iPhone X cover

The iPhone X was released on November 3rd, it was Apple’s 10th-anniversary smartphone that went on sale across the globe, and had thousands of customers lining up to get their hands on it. The phone’s new features ranged from new ‘all-glass’ chassis, ‘Face ID’ face recognition technology, boost in battery life and more make it quite the outstanding phone. If you do happen to already have the iPhone X, take into consideration the cover that will be going alongside it. New iPhone, new cover, so you want to avoid scratching it, breaking it and just a better grip to it as that extra precaution. Toast has got you covered.

Toast was launched in January 2012 with the support of 300 intrepid people who backed their Kickstarter project. The company is dedicated to quality products and quality of life, with all Toast products being 100% designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon. Their natural wood veneers work great with the Qi wireless charging system, with over 2 years of manufacturing covers for AirCharge Qi chargers experience being supplied.

Toast has updated their best-selling origami-esque Apple iPhone covers to fit the unique specs of the new iPhone X. The geometric details of their real wood veneer covers are laser-cut with exacting precision, they then sand and finish each cover by hand to bring out the individual grain patterns in each piece of wood and give your iPhone an astounding feel in your hand.

The Toast iPhone X cover is available in sustainable, USA-grown walnut, ash and ebony. You also have the ability to throw in some custom text or a laser-engraved design to make it even more unique. It takes a few simple steps to apply the cover just by peeling it, lining it up and then sticking them onto your device.

The Toast iPhone X cover is currently available at a starting price of $34.00 on the Toast website. If you would like more information on Toast as a company or some other additional awesome products visit their website at If you would like to keep up to date with information about Toast product or would like to see some astounding custom designs follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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