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Blue light blocking glasses offer relief for your eyes and better sleep

“Blue light emitted by screens damages our sleep, study suggests.”

That one sentence was all I needed to know when asking the question, "why aren't we getting quality sleep?"

So a solution was offered in Prospek glasses.

Recent studies at Haifa University and Harvard Medical School, have concluded that blue lights and the rays emitting from our connected devices and certain types of light bulbs are not only harmful to our eyes but may cause insomnia and other ailments. Studies show that 60% of Americans spend more than 6 hours a day in front of a digital device, to dire consequences with ailments ranging from insomnia, eyestrain, migraines to depression and obesity. Spektrum Glasses offers a solution. With its blue light ray filtering lenses, Prospek eyewear from the Spektrum collection blocks out 50% to 99% of all blue light emanating from digital devices, significantly improving the quality of life of its wearers.

All this light from our devices is not good for our eyes or our health.

Light from fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, LEDs (light-emitting diodes) in televisions, smartphones and computers and even the flashing light from an alarm clock all emit blue light which tells your body that it is still daytime. That is fine when it is always daytime, but when it is not, your brain and body get thrown off kilter. Blue light filtering glasses help to mitigate these effects by allowing you to see what you are doing without disrupting hormonal cues.

My test show Prospek's block a lot of light are are helpful to the eyes. I find myself looking at my laptop screen for sometimes four hours at a time and the glasses make a difference. The Prospek’s collection runs from $33.95 up to $55.95 and offers blue light blocking glasses for different needs, gender and age groups, even for kids. They come in a number of different and attractive styles. The 50% light filter glasses come in a clear lens while the 99% have a darker yellow lens in a wide variety of fashion styles.

Help your eyes and help yourself or someone you love with Prospeks.

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