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Let MagnetPAL become your new best friend

Losing things like your keys? Forgetting or misplacing items?

A new gadget claims to have 101 uses, but in my opinion if a device does one thing well, it's worth it's weight in gold. Enter the MagnetPAL.

Since I was young, I've always been fascinated by magnets and their uses. The MagnetPAL takes magnets to a new level.

Does someone in your household always misplace their key? Do you they spend time looking for their keys everytime they want to leave the house? Place a MagnetPAL on their key ring and this problem is solved. MagnetPAL most powerful magnet allows you to hang your keys on the metal screw in the faceplate of the light switch by the door. The keys are there every time. Use MagnetPAL as a hide a key, or place a spare key under the car. How about those other spares: boat key, bike key, freeze key? MagnetPAL allows you to organize or hide any key. MagnetPAL is remarkably strong and permanent. It will never rust, fail or fall off.

But there are more uses for the MagnetPAL than just keys.

- Find stud fasters behind paint and drywall - Put one in your tool belt to hold screws or nails - Secure blueprints to any metal surface on jobsites - Clean up metal shavings in your workshop

It is great for boaters and fishermen, RV owners or to keep in the glove compartment of your car.

Tie a MagnetPAL to a line and retrieve lost items, or even ‘fish’ for others lost items in the port, marina or bay. The MagnetPAL is tiny, strong, will never, rust or fail. It can retrieve items up to 14lbs. It's made from strong ABS plastic with a loop to tie your line. When not in use, keep on your key chain as a hide a key or key organizer. Pick up dropped bit bolts or screws in hard to reach places. You will always know where your MagnetPAL is located.

See the latest MagnetPAL video:

Get a MagnetPAL for $12.99 and they also have the handy Grabbit Stick for $24.99. Get one, two or three. Makes a great gift.

Just for WirelessWednesday readers, get 10% off.

Link to shop: Coupon: MagnetPAL10 Coupon Expires: January 15, 2018


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