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CEP Compression for fitness and travel

Let me introduce you to CEP Compression.

CEP is a high-end sports brand that brings medical expertise to its innovative, high-quality product concepts that help wearers enhance their athletic performance and stay healthy. What makes CEP such a unique sports brand is its access to state-of-the-art production standards “Made in Germany” thanks to its parent medi, one of the leading companies in the healthcare market, headquartered in Bayreuth. medi works together with acclaimed scientists, sports physicians and athletes to develop special technologies and features that give all products in the CEP collection a unique effect. CEP is famous for its legendary compression legwear optimized for running and now offers a wide range of performance-enhancing products from socks and high-tech functional sportswear to its evolving product lines.

Many athletes have experienced the benefits of compression first hand, but CEP wants the public at-large to see what it can for them. From travel to injury prevention and recovery, CEP products help!

Whether you are a biker, runner, walker or a traveler, there is a CEP product that can help you in some way.

Compression socks are a godsend for people who travel long distances and have to remain seated for long periods of time. I used a CEP compression sock on one leg on two recent cross country flights and the other leg bare. There was a noticeable difference in how my legs felt upon arrival. When movement is constrained, blood circulation to the legs is restricted causing heavy legs, leg pain, swollen feet and ankles and even blood clots. Here are two options: The CEP Recovery + Pro Compression Socks are the perfect sock for any traveler's carry-on. Used by professional athletes and travelers alike, these socks will help reduce the pain and swelling caused by long days in the air and increase circulation in the legs and feet. They come in a variety of colors and look great!

The CEP Dynamic+ Run Ultralight Socks offer a perfect fit and extreme durability. These socks will also increase circulation, reduce swelling and support tendons and ligaments in the ankles and feet. Due to a snug ergonomic fit, they will never rub or cause blistering. At a great price of $20.

Just in time for winter and ski season, CEP has a new line of compression for ski enthusiasts.

“We are honored to be an official supplier for PSIA-AASI ski and snowboard professionals,” said Jared Finney, National Sales Manager at CEP. “High quality, durable products such as CEP, are critical for instructors to stay warm, comfortable and injury free day after day, and all season long.”

For those that ski, CEP reduces muscle soreness and stabilizes muscles and joints to help prevent injuries, making them the perfect product for ski and snowboard instructors everywhere. Check out the Ski Ultralight sock featuring SMART INFRARED technology that retains heat for warmer toes inside ski boots and the ¾ Compression Base Tight, a perfect base layer built to optimize performance and stabilize muscles on the slopes.

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