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Maximize your email potential with Kiwi for Gmail

News Flash! You probably use some form of Gmail.

Gmail has more than 1 billion monthly active users but only limited third-party apps that allow users to go beyond the hindrances found using Gmail on a browser. Zive’s Kiwi for Gmail application has the highest overall rating (average rating for all versions of all third-party email apps) on the Mac since its beta debut in 2015. Mac users have given both Kiwi for Gmail (paid) and Kiwi for Gmail Lite (free) 4.5 out of 5.0 stars, surpassing the ratings of its competitors. Zive’s Kiwi for Gmail 2.0, the top-rated Mac app for Gmail and G Suite, is also available on Windows.

Kiwi provides users a new way to experience Google Apps by moving their email, accounts and documents beyond the constraints of the browser to make people more productive on their desktops. Google offers a wide array of online services but the issue is that most of them are connected through web browser use only. Google of course offers more than just Gmail, with other Google Apps such as; Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more. Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 with G-Suite allows Google Docs, Sheets and Slides look and feel as much like Microsoft Office as possible, while still preserving a uniqueness of it’s own. An intuitive new toolbar on the left side of the traditional Gmail interface provides quick access to all applications and documents. It is an ideal solution that pulls these services away from browser use and allows one to use it as a desktop app instead.

“We believe that Google Docs, Sheets and Slides are great apps, but companies should be able to use them like they’ve used Microsoft Office for the last 20 years,” says Eric Shashoua, CEO and Founder of Zive. “Since employees continue to do most of their work on the desktop” he continues, “It’s important to move beyond the browser which is great for content consumption, but very limiting when it comes to content creation.”

Key features of Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 for Windows…

  • Ability to use Google Docs, Sheets and Slides as native, windowed desktop applications within Kiwi for Gmail

  • Desktop icons that launch Docs, Sheets and Slides directly

  • The Zen Switch, a do not disturb feature comparable to Android

  • “Important only” notifications that help you filter alerts

  • Global shortcuts that allow you to compose email drafts without leaving your current application

  • Significantly enhanced security with Zive Account Isolation

Kiwi works in a greater way from competitors by providing multiple windows, desktop integration and a simple intuitive interface that allows users to quickly access each application, open new documents and get back to their recent documents with a single click. It enables companies to implement all the great functionality of cloud computing and G-Suite apps in a better way along with allowing Google Drive or its office apps to work across multiple accounts.

If you would like more information or to download Kiwi for Gmail 2.0 with G-Suite for either Mac or Windows visit . A premium subscription for Kiwi for Gmail costs $9.99 per year and 30-day trial of Kiwi for Gmail Lite is available as well for both Mac and Windows users. Students can also download the full version of Kiwi for G-Suite for free with their .edu email address. For updates you can also follow them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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