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StoreSmart and the File of Life

Be safe and not sorry when an emergency arises.

An emergency situation can arise in the blink of an eye, and when it occurs a person has to respond to the fast and to the best of their capabilities. If it is a medical emergency and happens in the setting of your home, there is an item that can assist family members and rescue workers find important medical information quickly. Emergency medical information can/should be on a medical information form to include info such as; medical conditions, medications, allergies, insurance info, emergency contacts and many more documents. One way to be properly prepared and to have the information ready in case of an emergency is to store it in the Vial of Life File Jacket.

The Vial of Life File Jacket is an ideal product to use to keep your medical information handy in case a medical emergency occurs. The magnetic strips allow the product to be placed on refrigerators, filing cabinet, metal doors and so forth. A 3’’x3’’ sticker is included, which can then be placed on your door or window to inform medical personnel to the location of your Vial of Life.

Features for the Vial of Life File Jacket include…

“Emergency Medical Information” and instructions printed in red or white Made of 12-14 gauge heavy-duty vinyl plastic (In either red or white) Sealed on three sides with a thumb-notch for easy access Inside capacity is approximately 20 letter-size 8.5’’ x 11’’ papers Outside dimensions are 9’’ x 115/8’’ Two strong ½’’ x 11’’ magnets on the back Amazon currently has the Vial of Life File Jacket available online at a price of $19.95 in either red or white. If you ever need to update your medical information on the form, you are able to download a new form here. If you are looking for more information for the Vial of Life, visit the product page on the StoreSMART website.

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