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It's time to form a new 'Bond' with your home

Welcome to jungle!

I'm talking about your home and the proliferation of smart products that will or won't work in your home.

Well, if you don't want to navigate the perils and unknown of a jungle and want to get in on the ground floor of a smart product that will grow with your needs. Meet the Bond, a new device that connects consumers' existing remote-controlled devices, like ceiling fans, to the smart home.

Bond controls appliances with RF based remote controls and it works with your Amazon Alexa and Google home. It's easy to set up and put to use.

With Bond, the first appliance you are able to control is your ceiling fan. Pair with your Wi-Fi network, so you can control from anywhere in the world, or feel free to use voice commands through your smart speaker. Now your smart home is actually "smart."

It may seem strange to some, that Bond is starting with your ceiling fan, but it all does make sense.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Bond is starting with ceiling fans because they're in so many homes, are a pain to replace, and connected versions are so much more expensive than traditional and offer fewer design options. But the team is also hard at work at finalizing integration for other appliances like AC units, motorized shades, and electric/gas fireplaces. Thes should start rolling out after the first of the year via remote updates.

The Bond app works seemlessly with your ceiling fan and it is fun to set and control. Control the speed, the light and even play with the dimmer from afar. Control one or multiple fans and even schedule fan operations into the future.

I also like the fact that the folks at Bond are embracing voice commands as their product lineup grows:

Home automation in general has become a lot easier with the popularity of smart speakers like the Amazon Echo. As more people get on board the IoT train, they’re going to want to be able to do more things with their devices. See more here as your make your way through the smarthome jungle. Your home is supposed to be comforable and Bond does just that.

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