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DRY TOP: Fresher, longer, better tasting

Moisture, mold and mildew are three degrading and damaging elements that can diminish the quality of items and food alike. The solutions you are seeking to deal with those issues are ones that should prevent moisture and preserve freshness. A company called DRY TOP has created products that can help preserve the inside of any canister or container to maintain the quality of your food and storage purchases.

DRY TOP Capsules present a cost effective solution that works well and easy to use for absorbing damaging moisture within enclosed areas. The capsules incorporate the latest reusable color indicating silica gel and a proprietary membrane that encloses the desiccant. The capsules hold silica gel beads that remain dry to the touch even when fully saturated and are an inert, non-toxic and cobalt free material that changes from orange to dark green upon absorbing moisture. The change of color indicates the capsule needs reactivation, once reactivated they will absorb moisture like a new capsule. The process of reactivation is simple, one just needs to place the capsule on a paper towel in a microwave for thirty seconds until the color changes to its original orange.

DRY TOP Capsules are not only fully reusable, but also environmentally friendly. The capsules are FDA Compliant and BPA Free materials, it is also categorizing their silica gel as non-toxic, and labels the product GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). The products use a proprietary sonic welding process to ensure the integrity of all capsules and tops.

DRY TOP products are great preserving freshness and removing moisture by keeping stored food items at the optimal moisture level. In order to prevent dry foods from becoming soft, stale and discarded it is ideal to maintain a low moisture level. The capsules can extend product life for cereals, rice, bulk food storage, photo storage, home electronics and so much more. The approximate enclosed spacing guidelines for two types of DRY TOP Capsules are: Clip/Capsule with 20 grams of desiccant effectively controls 2 cubic feet and the Jumbo Drop-in Capsule with 80 grams of desiccant effectively controls 8 cubic feet.

If you are looking to keep products longer, fresher and/or tasting better use DRY TOP capsules. The Dry Top Universal Clip & Capsule can be added to any existing canister or container on the market today. One simply peels and sticks the product to the inside of any canister or container top and snap in the capsule. Then follow the instructions to reuse. If you are interested in purchasing the DRY TOP Capsule Universal Clip & Capsule it is available on Amazon for $19.99. Visit the DRY TOP website for more information on products and additional available products.

How they work:

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