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Password protection with LastPass Families

LogMeIn’s 2016 Pricing & Packaging survey found that “91 percent of people surveyed feel that having strong passwords allows them to protect their family better.” Protection of sensitive data and secure management of one’s personal passwords is one of the best ways to ensure family’s information security. LastPass is an award-winning password manager that helps millions around the world organize their online lives that provide secure password storage to make going online easier and safer, with convenient access from any internet-enabled device. They recently announced the general availability of LastPass Families, a new version of its popular password manager that provides a simple, secure way to manage passwords and valuable information for the entire family.

“The number of online accounts and passwords that today’s modern family has to keep track of can be overwhelming, leaving many to resort to unsafe password behavior - from how they create and remember passwords, to how they share accounts with family members,” said Matt Kaplan, General Manager of LastPass. “With this release, we’re arming families with the simple tools they need to keep their information safe, making it easy to stay organized and ultimately take control of their life.”

LastPass Families allows users to store everything from bank accounts to passports to credit card numbers securely in LastPass. It can be organized into folders, shared with family members and given to others in the event of an emergency. It is designed for today’s digital family, LastPass Families comes with six licenses and includes feature such as:

  • Unlimited sharing - This enables family members to conveniently store passwords, credit cards, valuable documents and more. And organize them into folders for unlimited, flexible sharing with others in the family.

  • Emergency access - Families can plan for the future with emergency access to ensure someone always has access to their most important information in unexpected situations.

  • Easy management - The family manager has access to an easy-to-use dashboard where they can quickly add and remove family members on the account.

  • Individual accounts for all - Each family member is given their own unique LastPass account where they can store personal passwords and specify those meant for sharing with others, while keeping the rest private.

LastPass is one of the best ways to manage passwords and safeguarding your data. LastPass Families is available immediately to all new and existing customers for $48 per year. For more information on LastPass Families and on the new updates, visit

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