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You can save some money with Moolah

A free shopping service that keeps you safe and gets you the best deal.

It's time to sign up for Moolah. Using industry-standard encryption, Moolah protects your private information while making sure you get the best deal. Whatever you buy online, if it drops in price – Moolah’s got you covered. Automatic and secure, this innovative service gives you the confidence that you’ll never overpay again!

Moolah was founded in 2016. Driven by a commitment to getting the most out of life, Moolah believes in saving you money so you can do more. Retailers can change their prices up to eight times a day! Get refund protection in three, simple steps with Moolah: - Join Moolah to get protected. Sign up for FREE with your email you use when shopping online and Moolah will start monitoring your online purchase receipts. - Start shopping. Continue clicking that “Add to Cart” button and have all your receipts sent to the same email. - Get ready for refunds. Moolah will alert you when there is a price drop on an item you have purchased and will start processing your refund automatically. It’s that easy! Get the most out of your money with Moolah! Don’t believe us? Read what Moolah users are saying: “I get a check from Moolah every two weeks for Amazon refunds ! So far the biggest single check I’ve gotten is $32.48.” “I bought a laptop from Costco, and a few weeks later Moolah sent me $217! Best surprise ever.” “I ordered online from Nordstrom and didn’t know the items I purchased went on sale the very next day. Moolah got me $47 back before the package shipped!” Visit to learn more about this free money saving service

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