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'Techstars' shows creativity and diversity in Southern startups

In search of security against phishing scams? Are you looking to make date night easier? Or maybe you’d like to stop doing your laundry all together? The 2nd Annual Techstars Atlanta Demo Day in partnership with Cox Enterprises had companies come together that provide solutions to address these issues. Techstars is the world’s best, global ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs build great businesses. They are located in the epicenter of startup activity in the Southeast, providing entrepreneurs with the resources and network to build meaningful enterprise technology companies and enduring consumer brands. It is an accelerator program that is helping startups do more faster - all while raising visibility for Atlanta as a great place to start and grow businesses.

Techstars Atlanta Demo Day featured pitches from 10 startups that relocated to Atlanta for the 13-week Techstars accelerator program. The annual conference creates opportunities for top tier investors to connect with and fund the region’s most promising technology companies. Applications were submitted from over 69 countries spanning over 6 continents for the coveted 10 spots.

Techstars Atlanta 2017 companies included: Fraudmarc (Atlanta, GA): Cyber security service aimed at protecting corporate identity @fraudmarc

MoQuality (Atlanta, GA): AI platform for mobile QA @MoQualityInc

Bloveit (Atlanta, GA): Curated date night experiences @bloveitinc

Landing Lion ( Atlanta, GA): Landing pages for the modern marketer @landinglion

Saige (Atlanta, GA): Machine learning-driven personal chef service that delivers ready-to-heat meals to your door @SaigeChefs

Collider (Chattanooga, TN): Stand-alone, end-to-end additive manufacturing technology @collidertech

Rapid RMS (Chattanooga, TN): POS system for fuel service stations and convenience stores @rapidrms

2ULaundry (Charlotte, NC): The new way to do laundry and dry cleaning @2ULaundry

Vlipsy (Canton, OH): The video clip soundboard @vlipsyapp

TheMonetizr (Riga, Latvia): In-game monetization platform for merchandise purchases @TheMonetizr

Farmcrowdy (Lagos, Nigeria): Crowdfunding for small-scale agriculture @farmcrowdy Atlanta shines as a model startup community, with active and excited entrepreneurs, as well as corporate giants, engaging with founders to help build the next set of disruptive technology companies. Techstars’ 2017 Atlanta Accelerator Class presentations were prepared as an excellent opportunity for angel, seed and Series A investors to evaluate startups at varying stages across a variety of industries. Sights and expectations are being setting higher for next year’s class not only by what is being brought to the table but also by whom. Michael Cohn, Techstars Managing Director, is committing to search for gender diversity to present innovative startups on the Techstars Atlanta stage. If you’d like to keep up with some of the Techstars Atlanta 2017 companies, their Twitter handles can be found at the end of their short description. #TechstarsATL

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