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Halloween decorating goes even more digital with AtmosFX

A couple years ago, I was excited to feature the AtmosFX projector and Halloween scenes on my Halloween tech TV and Radio segments. (FOX, CBS and more) The response was overwhelming. When people see the possibilities, they are immediately drawn to what AtmosFX offers. Imagine, no more streamers, plastic pumpkins and tacky fake scarecrows.

Now I'm just as excited to feature what is new and improved for 2017.

Digital Decorating Kit has been updated for 2017, significantly improving an already simple and cost-effective way to digitally decorate. As the highest-quality standard-definition (SD) projector kit on the market, it packs everything you need to create stunningly original displays for Halloween, Christmas, and celebrations year round. It's easier to use, you get better definition and there are new scenes.... With a projector, some downloads and AtmosFX Window Projection Material, it's ready, set, go for Halloween 2017. It's all easy to set up and put into action.

Some of the spooky possibilities:

• Turn your hallway or yard into a fully-animated theme-park quality space filled with a ghostly apparitions. Here. • Make portraits in your home come to haunting life (much like the ones in Disney’s Haunted Mansion). Here. • Turn 3 ordinary (real) pumpkins into singing jack-o-lanterns to life with projection on your doorstep.

While Halloween is a holiday that you can get creative with, AtmosFX offers download for the Christmas holidays, Easter and Valentine's Day, as well as other special events..

Halloween Scenes:

  • Rise of the Wraiths, from Phantasms

  • Face of Death, from Phantasms

  • Dancing Dead, from Bone Chillers

  • Gathering Ghouls, from Ghostly Apparitions

  • Beckoning Beauty, from Ghostly Apparitions

  • Zombie Swarm, from Zombie Invasion!

  • Stalking Startlers, from Night Stalkers

  • Howl at the Moon, from Tricks and Treats

  • He's Alive, from Tricks and Treats

  • Vampire's Snack, from Shades of Evil

  • Evil Twins 1, from Macabre Manor

  • Beyond the Grave, from Macabre Manor

AtmosFX Window Projection Material is made from a woven fabric that provides excellent contrast and light diffusion. It’s easy to set up, store and reuse. Compared to other solutions, this material has excellent light management, better image reproduction and reduced hot-spotting. You can also create a more uniform surface to project onto, resulting in more realistic and believable digital decorations in your window.

This material also features six grommets for additional set up options. For fast and easy set up, use the included peel-and-stick hang tags.

Make your house the star of your neighborhood each and every holiday with AtmosFX.

Click here to check out all the gear. These is also a new album of Halloween-themed music to try this year, check it out!

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