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ICEMULE is putting the 'cool' in portable coolers

Ever wondered why mules are used for trips down to the Grand Canyon and not horses? Mules are steady and more surefooted than their equine counterparts. Mules are more dependable creatures since they can carry a lot more weight and it is no wonder that they are called the beasts of burden.

Well, the ICEMULE line of portable coolers are beasts in their own right.

ICEMULE™ Coolers are the essential waterproof and portable cooler for your holiday gifting. ICEMULE was born on a hot day when founder James Collie was taking a day-long hike, unable to find a good waterproof portable cooler, he created a makeshift cooler out of a backpack lined it with plastic trash bags. A wet hiker, warm drinks and soggy food started the wheels of innovation; turning to design a soft-sided, waterproof and portable cooler that could carry ice comfortably enough for long hikes as well as, relaxing days at the beach. After much R&D, ICEMULE is here to make your active live easier. ICEMULE will keep ice for 24+ hours if you use the recommended 2:1 ice ratio, the cooler is closed properly when not in use and you avoid direct sunlight. Like any cooler, the more it's opened and the more hot air is introduced, the faster the ice melts. That said, when kept properly closed, the ICEMULE can keep ice for much longer. The new ICEMULE BOSS, on the other hand, is designed to keep ice for several days. Perfect for hikers, athletes, those on vacation or attending a picnic, ICEMULE coolers have five patented cutting edge technologies; including: TriFold DriTop System ™, a foolproof seal to keep ice in and air out ComfortCarryIMPT System ™, reinforced back-straps and ventilated pads provide ultimate comfort MuleSkinEV ™, a tough Inner and Outer layers; 2X thicker than most soft coolers PolarLayer Insulation ™ , that keeps contents “IceMule Cold” for up to 24 hours IM AirValve™, that adds air enhancing insulation; and releases it to be easily compacted for travel & storage

Choose from the ICEMULE line:

Classic, Pro, Boss, Tote and the Pro Catch for fishers.

ICEMULE coolers come in different sizes and capacities and assorted colors. After a long day at the beach, lake or floating down the river, your ICEMULE will clean easily and store for it's next adventure.

Where you can buy your own ICEMULE:

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