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Heelight: Changing the way we think of the lightbulb

Several kind of lights exist and each one serves a purpose or can set a tone for the atmosphere. The dim night light, the warm candlelight, the bright classroom light, the luminous reading and so forth. The brightness of a light bulb can definitely affect the activity one may be involved in and choosing which one may set the difference between being problematic or helpful. A new smart light called Heelight is available, with capabilities to change color temperature, brightness, the ability to be controlled by sound and much more. It works has benefits on many levels.

Heelight begins with scanning the QR code found on the bulb’s box or through the app that corresponds to the bulb, no need for Bluetooth pairing, WiFi configuration or gateway connection. The user can remotely control Heelight through the app, movement recognition or digital sound commands. Different audible sound waves, with commands encoded in a sequence of different frequencies, control the light bulbs to turn on, off or change color schemes.

Heelight is also an Alexa Skill, so one will be able to control Heelight smart light bulbs with Echo (or other Alexa enabled devices when the light bulbs are within the sound wave range of Echo devices. You can say “Alexa, ask Heelight to turn on” to turn on the light, you can say “Alexa, ask Heelight to turn off” to turn off the light, also “Alexa, ask Heelight to turn natural light” and many more commands to control the color theme.

Additionally Heelight comes with 30 modes and 16 million RGB colors, with the options available a fresh experience can be provided through the user’s choice with modes including…

  • Nightlight Mode: It dims slowly and if the user gets up in the middle of the night, the device recognizes movement through a sound emitted by the phone during the night and will brighten again.

  • Candle Mode: It will act as a candle, it will switch off after the user blows on it for 1 to 1.5 seconds and lights up again after 3 to 4 seconds.

  • Sun Mode: It will gradually change into a sunrise simulation.

  • Rhythm mode, Christmas mode, Halloween mode and many more…

Heelight is a digitized, sound-controlled bulb that can hear and illuminate the atmosphere around it in different ways. One of the most recently released Heelight products to look towards is the Heelight Candle Light. It features a standard E14 interface, original light effect, 2700K color temperature and more. If you would an introduction of the product and use a “Heelight Introduction” video is available on YouTube. If you would like to more information about Heelight and it’s available product visit the Kickstarter or their website at

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