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Community loves Sports Tracker update

Whether you’re an athlete or a health/fitness enthusiast, exercise can be a vital part of your life. An important aspect of one’s workouts is keeping track and analyzing the development of progress being made throughout your routines, for example better times during runs or cycling. Sports Tracker is an award-winning application and online service developed by a passionate team of outdoor sports enthusiasts and mobile experts that focuses on a user’s development. They are on a mission to help people train better, connect through sports and live healthier, happier lives. The Sports Tracker app recently received a new update which serves as both a fun and useful tool for their community of users. If you would like more information on the app’s basic functions and features visit this Wireless Wednesday Live article, where Rick Limpert had the opportunity to test out the app and Heart Rate Belt at CES.

The pioneering sports and fitness tracking app, Sports Tracker, has introduced video sharing as the first fitness app on the market. Juha Lauhamaa, Sports Tracker’s Marketing Manager states, “The fact the our users can share their personal training videos sets Sports Tracker apart from the competition as a truly social sports app.”

If you are looking to share a video of your weight training at the gym or a run you did, you are able to share it in your Sports Tracker feed along with the stats of your workout. Videos are not only fun, but they also serve a more practical purpose through the interactions of people within the community who seek to encourage one another or share insightful information.

Personal trainers for instance, can share their tips more easily, as well as correct users if they are training in a way that could cause injuries. The main man in Sports Tracker’s development, Antti Sovari said, “In some cases people have shared their running videos and got constructive feedback on their posture and technique.” Sovari is also a keen runner and cyclist who has used the app since day one and continues by stating, “As a sports tracker myself I could immediately see the benefits of video. Now that this feature has kicked off so well, we have plenty more cool stuff in the pipeline.”

Sports Tracker has users in over 200 countries with many of them measuring and analyzing workouts to empower their passion for sports. The Sports Tracker app is currently available both through the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store for free download. If you would like more information about Sports Tracker visit their website at

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