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ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor adds an unparalleled level of protection

Let me show you the world's first smart tire safety monitoring device.

The nonda ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor is actually a series of devices that work in tandem with a powerful app.

Note: 4 in 10 drivers believe they can determine if a tire is under inflated just by looking. In fact, tires can be 50% under inflated and not appear flat.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reinforces that advice by determining that vehicles driving on tires underinflated by more than 25 percent are three times more likely to be involved in a crash related to tire problems than vehicles with proper inflation.

It's time to get "tire smart" with a new and accurate monitoring device from nonda.

nonda’s Smart Tire Safety Monitor is a first generation device that is designed to save you, and your family's lives. It comes equipped with next generation German sensors to monitor tire pressure and temperature. Most importantly, the internal proprietary AccurateTemp Algorithm continually analyzes sensor data to detect tire safety issues. Useful data mining technology makes our product the only device on the market that can detect slow leaks. The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor launched on Indiegogo, and it's still receiving positive reviews and accolades. It's easy to use, provides information when you need and want it and alerts you when there might be a problem. All though the app.

“Advanced tire safety monitoring is often reserved for luxury cars. Unfortunately, the average driver is unaware that their basic factory-installed tire monitoring system is not keeping them safe.” said Joseph Yuan, CEO, nonda US. “The ZUS Smart Tire Safety Monitor boosts safety, increases fuel economy and offers drivers advanced technology at an affordable price.”

Beyond providing superior technology, the ZUS STSM is also built for anyone to use. With an easy 3-step, 10-minute installation process, the product doesn’t require a trip to the mechanic for installation or expensive wheel re-balancing.

Just charge, use Bluetooth and launch the app and install (screw in) the sensors until they are tight. Caps are labeled for the correct tire and you are ready to go and check your tires.

Here's another statistic, and one that might just get blown out of the water thanks to the ZUS.

2 out 3 drivers do not check the tire pressure in their spare tire.

Now go check your tires!

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