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Campus Safety Month: Sabre Door Stop Alarm

Just in time for National Campus Safety Month... SABRE.

SABRE- Security Equipment Corporation provides the best-in class personal safety, home security and law enforcement products to maximize your safety. The company is well known as the world’s largest pepper spray manufacturer, providing police-strength protection to consumers and law enforcement alike, all across the globe. They also strive to educate and empower their customers - so that, in the face of danger, you and your loved ones are equipped not only powerful products, but knowledge as well. They continue with their goal with the release of their SABRE Door Stop Alarm.

"In 2008, National Campus Safety Awareness Month (NCSAM) was unanimously approved by Congress to encourage a public conversation on important topics in violence prevention at our nation’s colleges and universities."

The SABRE Door Stop Alarm is meant to be an easy and secure product to alert the homeowner or renter of an intruder. It works when the door pressure is applied to the product, it then emits an extremely loud 120 dB alarm that can help deter the intruder along with notifying the user and/or nearby neighbors (audible up to 1,000 ft. or 300 m away). It is ideal for bedrooms, hotels, apartments, dorm rooms, front doors and many more along with it’s feature of a non-skid pad to prevent the door from opening while alarm sounds. Easy installation with simple positioning at the door and an extra level of security provides battery status updates with a low battery indicator.

The SABRE Door Stop Alarm offers added security protection in an easily transportable door stop location, anywhere you go. Whether you are alone or not, you’ll sleep better knowing the SABRE Door Stop Alarm provides a barrier between you and any startling sounds which occur outside your bedroom. It is extremely reliable while being backed by 40 years in the security industry and comes with a 90 day warranty. The product is currently available on the SABRE website at a price of $12.99, if you are interested in purchasing it or would like more information visit

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