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CloviTek gives users a 'private listening experience' with CloviFi

CloviTek is offering a pre-sale campaign by officially unveiling its premier TV wireless audio transmitter, CloviFi, which you can check out here: Ideal for consumers, seniors, those struggling with hearing loss, as well as businesses in public places, CloviFi enables users to privately listen to high quality TV audio streams through personal mobile devices, without disturbing others nearby.

See testimonials and info here:

CloviFi allows you to enjoy TV audio directly into your headphones without disturbing others who don't want to listen.

The device can be used by multiple people in the same room or throughout the house, with each person streaming to their own headphones what they want to listen to.

CloviFi connects to your TV or any other audio source and transmits wirelessly or via bluetooth to any iOS, Android smartphone or tablet.

CloviFi comes with a free mobile app. Simply download a free app for iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device, connect to your Wi-Fi network and start transmitting sound from your TV to your mobile device by selecting one of the available channels on the list.

Pre-order for $89.

“More than 360 million people around the world have disabling hearing loss with limited solutions at affordable prices,” stated Vitaliy Mahidov, founder, CloviTek. “This is an underserved market that correlates with our main focus – to help people maximize their health and quality of life through the latest technologies at a uniquely low cost. By helping those in need, we are helping everyone, indeed.”


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