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$40 VR headset is crushproof, customizable and more

The ANMLY Model A is crushproof, modular, customizable and lightweight.

Pre-order yours now.

VR is building in popularity.

The goal here is to create the most universal, accessible, and immersive experience possible. The Model A delivers on that goal. A carefully designed VR system, supported by a free app, and I haven't even mentioned, the beautiful high-fidelity audio.


  • The Model A features hi-fi audio, and comes with a free content app, allowing you quick access to the worlds best VR content.

  • The Model A connects with any phone via a standard audio jack.

  • Our first batch of “Earliest Bird” Model Aʼs will ship in time for the Holidays.

  • The ANMLY team has been developing audio products for over a dozen years.

  • The Model A works with hundreds of apps and experiences including YoutubeVR, DiscoveryVR.

Get one for $40.


  • Universal: Works with most smartphones.

  • 45MM Lenses: an immersive visual experience.

  • Hi-Fidelity Audio: This is a game changer and provides an amazing immersive experience.

  • On-Ear OR Over-Ear: Choose between smaller more portable A.1 On-Ear Design, "featuring 30mm drivers", Or go for the Model A.2 boasting a more immersive design and 40mm drivers.

  • Capacitance 'touch' button: Pause / Play / Interact with objects on screen

  • Durable & Comfortable: The Model A is made from a a durable expanded EVA foam which is soft and comfy on your face.

  • Modular: The Model A breaks down so that all major components can be shuffled. You'll have the ability to upgrade components, swap colors to customize your experience.

  • Free App: We're passionate about finding the best, most exciting and creative experiences out there. To make it easy on you, we're hand delivering it in a FREE app, made specifically for the Model A.

  • Compatible with hundreds of apps and experiences: We want to help you explore the world of VR and that's why the Model A works with YoutubeVR, DiscoveryVR, Veer, Within, RelaxVR and more!


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