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Drink Tops are your new 'drinking buddy'

Welcome to your tailgate, your new best friend- Drink Tops.

Drink Tops have you covered for every outdoor occasion! Just place your Drink Tops silicone covers on top of a glass and tap the center to form a seal. This innovative ‘tap & seal’ patent-pending design reduces flying pests from being attracted to the drink, prevents outdoor elements from entering the glass, and it stops drinks from splashing over the rim while moving. Drink Tops WINE silicone covers include a stainless steel mesh center, allowing wine to breathe. Best of all, they are easy to clean and extremely durable.

Drink Tops are high-quality, BPA-free, food-grade silicone covers help drinks stay cool longer—perfect for a refreshing lemonade, iced teas or a cool margarita. Innovative “tap and seal” design gently suctions to glasses, locking in the aroma and taste. Enjoy your drink while keeping the bugs out!

A variety of colors make for attractive drink markers and add a decorative element to any outdoor place setting. Covers fit most glasses and they are sold in packs of four.

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