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Grip Dry is affordable, simple and dry

Early-bird gets the worm while the early golfer gets morning dew. Whether you are an early morning golfer or one that is dealing with wet conditions after the rain, a common set of issues can arise. If you have ever dealt with the issue of having to push in a tee into wet grass and setting your club down in the grass only to then have to deal with a wet grip, you should consider looking into GRIP-DRY. GRIP-DRY is a new patented and innovative golf product that has solved some basic problems golfers have faced since the start of golf carts.

The GRIP-DRY is meant to act as an attachment to one’s own golf clubs. You attach it by either snapping it underneath the grip or placing it lower on the shaft and slide it upwards until it is secure. The product is meant to protect your grip by keeping them elevated from wet grass, sand and toxic fertilizers. Additionally it will keep your clubs in plain view and eliminate lost wedges that can get left behind on or around the greens. It is not only lightweight but simple to carry around as it fits both in your back pocket and /or attaches to your golf cart, while also being a strong product as it is made from durable impact grade plastic.

Whether you plan on going on a golf outing or are seeking to give a gift, the GRIP-DRY is an ideal product to get. No more bending over to push a tee into the ground or to pick up your second club, simply hook another club under the elevated grip and lift. The GRIP-DRY has starting prices at $3.95, if you would like to purchase it or seek more information visit .

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