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Choose Dish, this college football season

Football season isn't just around the corner, it's here!

In 2016 alone, 179 million people tuned into Saturday Night Football, averaging a total live audience of more than six million viewers per week and marking a 10 percent increase in viewership from 2015.

With the number of college football enthusiasts on the rise, there’s also a higher demand for game coverage. Lucky for DISH customers, they are in prime position to be part of the action.

When you own DISH, you own Saturday college football. DISH’s Multi-Sport Pack gives you access to more than 20 regional sports channels, including the SEC Network, Big 10 Network, Longhorn Network and Pac-12 Network. This means you can cheer on your favorite teams no matter where you live. Get Dish. Starting now through October 18, new customers who purchase America’s Top 120+ programming package or above can enjoy the complete Multi-Sport Pack, which includes NFL RedZone, at no additional cost! Current customers can also get in on the action by taking advantage of DISH’s free preview of the Pac-12 Network August 26 through September 17. Looking to watch USC take on Western Michigan September 2, or Oregon State play Washington State September 16? As the only satellite provider to offer the Pac-12 Network, DISH has you covered.

Features and Bonuses:

Pac-12 Network free preview: DISH is offering customers a free preview of the Pac-12 Network from August 26 through September 17.

Game Finder app: DISH’s Game Finder app makes it easy to find current and upcoming football games, as well as schedule recordings. It also incorporates data from Thuuz to rate the most exciting games.

MultiView mode: Hopper 3’s MultiView mode allows you to watch up to four games at once by dividing your TV screen into quadrants, each with the ability to display a different program in HD.

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