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Windblocker cuts down on smartphone noise interference

Whether you are walking down the street with cars rushing by or sitting outside on a breezy day, taking a phone call with windy conditions can be nuisance. Windy conditions can cause noise interference, as the device’s microphone picks it up and makes it difficult for the person on the other line to understand you. A company called Windblocker created a solution to protect your headset-microphone or phone/tablet microphone from the disturbing wind noise.

The Windblocker is ideal for many different target groups; cyclists, hikers, golfers and many more who are commonly on the move. It allows the active or outdoor enthusiast enjoy a clear conversation over the phone without the worry of wind noise. One of the ideal products for those who use wired earphones to listen to music or to answer calls should look towards the Windblocker Earphone.

The Windblocker Earphone is easy to use and transferable to your other headset-microphones. It is simple to install, just by folding the Windblocker around the microphone in just mere seconds. You begin by positioning the microphone of your headset in the centre of your Windblocker, making sure the velcro strip is facing up and is to the left or right of your microphone. Fold the side without velcro over microphone first. Then close the Windblocker by folding the velcro side shut and gently pressing it to make it stay in place.

The Windblocker for both your microphone headset or phone/tablet headset is currently available with free worldwide shipping. The phone/tablet Windblocker is available in red, orange, black, blue and grey while the microphone-headset Windblocker is available in both black and grey. Both products are light and easy to carry whether you want to leave it attached to your headset or add it to your keychain, both are options for the user. If you are looking for more information or additional products, feel free to visit the original Windblocker website at .

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