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DEWALT with new construction Wi-Fi and iOT opportunities

Focused on making jobsites safer and more productive, a new construction technology system launches with a patented WiFi network.

Tool manufacturer DEWALT is expanding its offerings into construction technology with the introduction of digital solutions focused on creating jobsite connectivity. Over the coming months, DEWALT is launching a fully connected system, including WiFi mesh network and, later, an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, to enhance the productivity, profitability, and safety of people on construction jobsites.

After extensive research, DEWALT identified that, due to the increase in digital dependency in the construction field, there is an unmet need for reliable connectivity and asset management across a jobsite. Sharing data has become more necessary for contractors, yet limited connectivity options technology DEWALT’s patented WiFi mesh technology provides a solution with its ruggedized access points built to withstand the harsh and variable conditions of a construction jobsite. DEWALT WiFi enables general and trade contractors to collaborate in real-time across large-scale jobsites and to access critical site information such as prints, schedules, budgets, and RFIs. The WiFi solution is the beginning and foundation of an end-to-end solution. DEWALT will also offer an IoT platform, enabling contractors to understand the location and utilization of assets and data on site. As an initial offering, the DEWALT Tool Connect™ inventory management system is one component of total asset management. This will become part of the larger digital platform providing data to inform decision-making. “Entering the connectivity space is a great move for DEWALT and a promising opportunity for the industry,” said Taylor Cupp, technologist for Mortenson Construction. “They bring a wealth of expertise to the industry as the first company to truly focus on creating a platform to support the Internet of Things. In tackling connectivity, we see huge potential and opportunity for DEWALT and the wider construction community.”

See DEWALT for more ifo on its Jobsite WiFi System.

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