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Curious Creamery for Homemade Ice Cream Lovers

Make your own batch of healthy homemade ice cream with a hand mixer and your imagination.

The Curious Creamery allows you to make delicious, gourmet ice cream without using an ice cream maker or a device that takes up a lot of space. Start with a $1.99 Curious Creamery starter pack of your choice and in minutes you have a tasty treat that's gluten free, and can be lactose free, preservative free, high fructose corn syrup free and more! Choose from the Ice Cream Mix, the Ice Cream Cake Mix, or the Alcoholic Ice Cream Mix!

Affordable and easy. Combine one pack of The Curious Creamery Ice Cream base mix with any ice--‐cold liquid,like water, milk, tea, or alcohol,and any choice of mix. Get ready to enjoy!

This summer, their Boozy Ice Cream Mixes proved to be popular and that trend should continue into tailgating season. Remember, no ice cream machine is required. Just add a chilled liquid (water or milk) and alcohol and then whisk and for 5 minutes. It’s the perfect adult treat for any day or occasion.

The secret here is that these mixes are packed with flavor. Now anyone can make ice cream at home in 3 easy steps without an ice cream machine, with Curious Creamery. My friends and I can be ice cream snobs when it comes to our favorite flavors, but with new and unique flavors, along with some of our tried and true favorites, The Curious Creamery delivers.

Here is where you can buy your favorite Curious Creamery products.

Also, check out The Curious Creamery recipes here.

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