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Back to School: Comfort Design Mats

My wife is an elementary school teacher and she showed up for pre-planning week, and was immediately the envy of every other teacher. The reason- Comfort Design Mats.

These might just be the best multi-use mats ever made!

Comfortable, functional and safe, Comfort Design Mats go anywhere you need them. They arrive neatly rolled up in a well-packaged box, but you will want to unroll them as fast as possible and put them to work.

A durable, spongy foam insulates children from cold, dirty hard floors and little bumps and spills. They also won’t trap pet hair and dust, which helps keep your home free of common allergens. Here are some of their other plus points: + Non-toxic foam material + No Latex, BPA, or PVC + Hypoallergenic + Nonflammable + Waterproof.

Who can get use from Comfort Design Mats?


Comfort Design Mats can support your children's growth. You can give Baby some tummy time to strengthen her head and neck, and watch your children learn to crawl or walk—all with soft, spongy protection underfoot (or knee)!


Perfect for movie watching, wrestling, playing and rolling around—and there’s enough space for the whole gang to join right in!


Does playing on a hard floor with your little ones cause those recurring aches and pains? Comfort Design Mats allow one to get up without every bone in their body cracking. The o ne-piece mats look gorgeous like area rugs, but they're softer, won't shed, are easier to clean and won’t accumulate stains or buildup. And unlike puzzle mats or interlocking tile mats, our stylish foam play mats won't let liquids seep through, or come apart during active play. You can use our kids play mat on top of your existing wooden, stone, tile, or carpet flooring. No more carpet stains from liquids seeping through a flimsy rug.


Do you work from home, or have a small business? Put a play mat in your office so your infant is nearby and safe. Comfort Design Mats come in different colors and designs- all easy on the eyes and they can go from a bedroom to a living room to an office without batting an eye.

See all the designs here.

Prices start at $129.99 and there are free shipping offers from time to time.

Back to my wife at her school. Word is at least one other teacher has ordered a Comfort Design Mat, and I'm sure other are to follow. The kids love it, the teacher love it and the health and safety benefits make parents happy.

It's time to get your Comfort Design Mat.

Note: It's not often my wife steals the items and gadgets I get to review, but within about 8 hours, she claimed the Comfort Design Mat.


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