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Back to School: LilGadgets Connect+ Pro Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones

Headphone use by kids in inevitable. In this age of PCs, smartphone and tablets, there is a need for kids to pull out headphones, either for school or recreation. Let's make sure their ears are protected.

LilGadgets high-quality, high-performance headphones and earbuds delivers a bold and beautiful design that distinguish away from the typical children's product. While manufacturing a product that is kid safe, LilGadgets headphones incorporates a volume limit of 93db, a passive noise reduction, durable design and complies with the standards set by the CPSC Toy Compliant and ASTM International Standards. With their SharePort® feature, children can connect multiple headphones to one device and reinventing the "buddy system."

The Connect+ Pro are perfectly designed, and a high-quality, wired children’s headphone for children aged 6 and up, featuring the integrated SharePort to make sharing a little easier between kiddos. Each pair comes with a high quality microfiber travel pouch and a four foot premium nylon braided 3.5mm audio cable with an inline microphone. The Connect+ Pro is folds easily and is durably constructed out of a high quality polycarbonate, reinforced with metal extenders for variable sizing, and covered with comfortable SoftTouch Fabric. Volume Limited with Adult Worthy, Quality Audio: Again, the max volume is set at 93db with internal 40mm drivers and a range of 20Hz to 20kHz. All at a price under $30? I use these sometimes at my local coffee shop. Get one or two pairs now.

For kids, there should be no other option. They come in five unique colors and a microfiber travel pouch is included as a bonus.

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