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First look: The FensSens Smart License Plate

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. A smart license plate that ultimately upgrades my car without installing extra wires or a LCD monitor on my dash. After two weeks, I'm a believer in FenSens.

I didn't think I needed another device for my Hyundai Elantra, as it pretty much gets me from place to place with great gas mileage. I was wrong. I miss the rear camera in my wife's Nissan Rogue. I was at a disadvantage for parking and maneuvering, but not anymore.

I now have a backup camera, right in my car.

The FenSens smart license plate frame installs just like any other license plate frame in less than 5 minutes without any wiring, just a screwdriver (5 month AA battery operated). The totally wireless system uses Bluetooth technology to instantly alert drivers via the hands-free FenSens app once an object, such as a car or pedestrian, is detected in the car’s rear blind spot. With three different alert options, FenSens can automatically detect when the vehicle is backing up and provide audio, visual, and vibration feedback as the car moves closer to the object. The vibration notification is a game changer.

To sum up, FenSens is a state of the art parking sensor technology that works on any vehicle with a standard license plate without having to fuss with wiring or installing an additional LCD monitor in their car. While current alternatives can be expensive and complicated, FenSens gives any driver the ability to upgrade their car with all new smart technology in a way that is simple, affordable, and easy to install. FenSens will give you peace of mind and should cut down on those little parking fender benders that can lead to big out-of-pocket expenses and insurance company nightmares.

FenSens is currently available for $149.99. Get it on, through the Allstate Rewards Insurance program, and at Best Buy stores in Canada and on More retail partners in the U.S.A. will be announced.

Get your FenSens now!



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