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Kids can get creative with PinBox 3000

The new PinBox 3000, an unplugged version of old-school pinball, adds a DIY twist to the original entertainment with a screen-free gaming experience.

Pete Talbot and Ben T. Matchstick, professors of Cardboard Teck Instantute from Burlington, Vermont, combined their passions of entrepreneurship and gaming to engineer the PinBox 3000.

The interchangeable and customization with play surfaces of the build-it-yourself, cardboard tabletop pinball machine kit merges STEM with art and design to promote creativity and engineering among the next generation. Upon online purchase, an unassembled PinBox 3000 is delivered to gamers’ doorsteps. After an hour of folding and slotting twelve punch-out sheets of sturdy corrugated board, gamers then customize their PinBox 3000 with two interchangeable flipper decks. The LED-savvy can integrate electronics into the PinBox 3000 with sensors or microprocessors. A single PinBox 3000 is sold at $49.95. Gamers can also purchase a Battlemode for two-player, pinball combat for $99.95. A party pack including ten kits of the PinBox 3000 is available for $450.



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