JOT Erasable Highlighters: Where were these when I was in college?

For students, some of their best friends are the yellow, green, orange and purple highlighters.

JOT now makes and affordable and quality highlighters that allow you to highlight and erase repeatedly without ruining books or documents.

Get "3 for a dollar" at your local Dollar Store and highlight and erase all night long.

Highlighting is a great way to jog your memory and make sure that important information leaps off the page, but highlighting important books or documents can cause lasting damage. These highlighters use a special ink that looks just like regular highlighter ink but wipes right off with friction, so you can keep your critical paperwork and expensive books free of marks.


Gently Erase:

This pack of three highlighters is just right for your school desk or home office. No mess going on, no mess going off.

Highlight without worry. Perfect for back to school.