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Summer and tailgate fun with the gCooler

Imagine one solution for keeping your perishable food items and drinks, cool and secure as you move from one event to another or spend a day away from home. It's the innovative new gCooler.

It's a smart cooler that goes with you, wherever you need to go.

Great for camping, sporting events, BBQs, and days at the pool! The gCooler is currently available on, and the brand is looking to expand to other online retailers as well as brick and mortar shops very soon.

The game changer here is the sensor you place in the cooler bag that lets you monitor the cooler's internal temperature wirelessly via your smartphone without opening the bag. The gCoolers app on your phone also alerts you when the temperature exceeds the threshold. This helps you keep the food fresh, safe and cool.

Does it work and does the temperature stay cool and safe for food?


The app is very responsive and accurate when it comes to temperature control and readouts.

For drinks, the gCooler accommodates 24 cans and ice. Heavy duty zippers with rubber handles keep everything tight and secure, while the bottom plastic shock absorbers to prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Keep ice in its frozen state for up to 18 hours with the high density insulation. The 0.5 inch thick closed cell foam allows creates a barrier from heat getting inside. The gCooler is constructed reinforced Ballistic Nylon, 1680D Polyster, an insulated cooler bag, and TPU liner. This all provides comfort along with the dual adjustable shoulder strap with reflective strip for safety and visibility.

The gCooler is just the right size for a day at the beach or pool. Pack it full of goodies for a day of Little League baseball. Get yours now for a steal at under $50.

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