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New iClever BoostSound can amp up your life

Looking to take music with you wherever you go? The new iClever BoostSound wireless speaker has you covered. From the living room to the shower to the outdoors, this speaker can withstand whatever life may throw at you and fill the silence along the way.

The iClever BoostSound is designed into cubic modern shape, making it easy to transport and use on any surface. This predominately black speaker with orange accents is available on Amazon online for $21.99 and Amazon offers its customers free shipping on orders over $25.

This affordable speaker not only brings Bluetooth technology, but it has many perks that set it apart from other wireless speakers. The speaker is water resistant, making it ready for the beach or the living room for music at any time of the day.

The solid and rubber case around the speaker allows for protection against any adventures like biking or hiking. The battery allows for a full day of fun as the battery lasts for 12 hours of playing music.

In a world filled with all types of Bluetooth wireless speakers, the iClever BoostSound is the solution to fill any silence in your life with excellent but affordable listening.

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