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Axel's look: SURE Universal Remote

SURE Universal Ltd., a market and technology leader developing Software Universal Remote (SURE) solutions for the smart home and Internet of Things (IoT). The company’s software platform can be used to control legacy home appliances, digital media, home automation and IoT devices. SURE Universal makes interaction between people and their appliances simple, with a new integration that will make the remote a complete solution for total control of one’s own home.

SURE Universal demonstrated a new app at Mobile World Congress Shanghai that will be introducing Amazon Alexa integration into their Universal Software Remote. Users will have full control of their smart home from any room in the house or on the go, once they have linked the remote to their Amazon Alexa account. While at home, the app can control your home theater setup to turn on a movie, turn down lights and relax in the comfort of your recliner from your smartphone. If you’re on the road or at work, you are able to turn your thermostat or air conditioner down or turn on lights so you don’t come home to a dark house through a simple voice command through the app.

The SURE Universal Remote is first software-based universal remote control to take advantage of the Open Connectivity framework. It’s already a popular download worldwide for home entertainment control, the SURE Universal app recently became the first mobile client application to receive OCF (Open Connectively Foundation) certification. It positions the app as a control platform for virtually any electronic device, regardless of its application, functionality, location or enabling technology. Users can now interact with any of them through a unified experience, through their most familiar technology of all, the smartphone. The OCF support allows SURE Universal to be future-proofed to control connected devices of the future.

Future versions of the SURE Universal Remote app will also include support for Google Home and Apple Homekit, making the SURE Universal Remote the only smartphone application needed to control any connected device. The SURE Universal Remote App with Alexa integration launches this week for Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. An iOS version with Alexa support will be available in September 2017.


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