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Off the Beaten Track uses technology to connect customers with shoes

Women often sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to footwear. Looking for an ever-elusive comfortable sandal, Off The Beaten Track provides women with the ultimate vacation shoe.

Claiming to be “the comfortable shoe of choice for restless wanderers,” the company was inspired by music and culture and made with the highest quality materials. The straps are made of real leather and contain a thick, tough sole for maximum comfort in all styles of their shoe.

OTBT offers a variety of styles including sneakers, boots and wedges. Its best-selling style is the Bushnell wedge. This style includes the company’s signature leather components as well as a three-inch heel for a shoe that allows for comfort along with a dressed up look. "Comfort" is the key word when it comes to OTBT, as you can wear these shoes all day, with no issue.

Outside of the shoes itself, OTBT is unique in the way it connects its products to its customers via its website. Offering links to their Instagram page, subscription page and products page, the website provides typical services to customers in an easy to navigate fashion.

OTBT’s website provides services on their website that are different than most others. Customers can join an exclusive group online as an OTBT Insider. As a member, they will see the company’s newest shoe styles and can provide feedback on products via short surveys. All communications between insiders and the company are via electronic surveys and emails for quick and easy access.

Using its website as a tool, OTBT also provides the opportunity to connect sororities and groups with charities through its OTBT Sisterhood program. After signing up online, groups can receive special offers and a donation to the charity of the group’s choice. As part of its sisterhood program, the company has already donated to causes like Girls on the Run and CASA.

OTBT, the place to get your next pair of shoes.

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