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4 Apps to Boost Your Summer

Imagine sitting outside in the sun enjoying everything summer has to offer. Got the image? Now, let’s highlight some four apps that can kick your summer up a notch and so that you can make the most of it from start to finish.

Eat It

There are all kinds of great food to be eaten this time of year. Whether a poolside party with friends or a family cookout in the backyard, Checkout 51’s goal is get your money back AFTER you shop. Instead of requiring you to find and clip coupons prior to your grocery trip, Checkout 51 allows you to scan your receipt after checkout, and it identifies coupon-redeemable items. The company then credits your account, and once your account balance reaches $20, they mail you a check. That’s real money in your pocket for spending money at the grocery store.

Drink It

Hooch allows its customers to pay $9.99 a month for a new cocktail at a different bar every day. With over 450 bars and restaurants to choose from in ten different cities across the US, you are sure to find drinks that suite your taste for the price of one. The app gives suggestions on restaurants and bars that are perfect for brunch and the late night scene so all you have to do is enjoy your summer night in some of the largest cities in the US!

Explore it

If you’re planning a trip to Europe this summer, eCooltra has you covered. Allowing you to book a scooter at the push of a button on the app, eCooltra is the way to travel like a local. The scooters help to eliminate waste and are an affordable way to travel because customers only pay for the minutes they spend on vehicle. The app covers scooters in Madrid.

Post It

Social media is all the rage these days. Want to touch up your makeup for your next post? Perfect365 has you covered--literally. This app lets you try makeup on designed by top artists and also allows you to create your own look through the individual tools available. Perfect365 allows you to lay lighter on the foundation through the sweltering heat, but still give yourself that polished finish in pictures.


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